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Nursing Professor

Laurie Brown is a tenured Nursing professor at Clark College. She began her tenure at Clark in September of 2002. She has held adjunct faculty staff positions in the Department of Nursing dating back to 1990. A graduate of Washington State University Vancouver (WSUV), Laurie earned a Masters of Nursing Science and specialized in community nursing and nursing education. She also holds a dual masters degree in Public Administration and Health Administration from Portland State University. Laurie maintains an advanced Critical Care Certification in Nursing (CCRN). She still actively practices nursing at Kaiser Permanente in Portland, Oregon, when not teaching.


Beyond critical care, Laurie specializes in cardiac care and oncology. The Conference for Clinical Excellence, a national nursing symposium held in 2002, honored Laurie by inviting her to present a poster board of her research on breast cancer (BRCA) genetics. She also created and facilitated a community teaching project on breast cancer and the BRCA gene mutation. Her efforts in community nursing won her WSU’s outstanding graduate student of the year award in 2002. In 2009 Laurie presented at the Clark College Faculty Speaker Series. Additionally she was the 2009 Hilma Speight’s Distinguished lecturer. The topic celebrating academic excellence: “The Breast Cancer and Ovarian Cancer Gene- Are you at Risk? In 2010 Laurie organized the NW Hadassah organization to present a community education outreach program and educate the public about breast cancer risks and the link with the BRCA gene mutation. Again in 2011 Laurie presented Cardiac and Heart Health Care to the same NW Hadassah orgainization.

Reiki Mastery Certification

Professor Brown was awarded a sabbatical from January 2010-August 2010, she completed her Reiki Mastery Certification. As part of her studies she is volunteered 500 hours of Reiki and focused on End of Life Nursing.

Awards and Recognition

From 2001-2004 Laurie received yearly service recognition awards from Hambleton Project, an agency serving women with cancer. In 2001 Laurie was recognized with the Washington State University, Julie Ebreck Nursing Award and from 2001 thru 2003 she served on Washington State University’s Diversity Task Force. Laurie was the advisor for the Student Nurses Association of Clark College (SNACC) from 2002-2008. In her final year as SNACC advisor Laurie and the nursing students received the volunteer of the year award for their participation with the Medical Reserve Corps (MRC) of Washington. Laurie served as president of the Mt Hood Oncology Chapter from 2011-2013. She currently serves on the board of ONS in a support role.

“Take just one class at a time, three years will pass anyway, you will be three years older regardless, you might as well be that much closer to your next degree.”

– Gail and Jordan Brown (my parents)